Waterproofing Your Home’s Basement

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Basement Waterproofing Services

Every homeowner should consider basement waterproofing services. As much as your basement may not have water now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is waterproof. There could be water accumulating somewhere, without your knowledge and weakening the foundation of the house.

If you fail to attend to the problem early, then you are putting the whole structure at risk. Water can cause a lot of damage, if it finds its way underneath the foundation of your house. Without proper waterproofing, water can get in through tiny openings, leaks, and cracks.

Common Basement Waterproofing Services

Basement crack repair: Cracks on the floor and walls of your basement are signs that you need waterproofing services. The best thing is to contact a basement waterproofing company to waterproof your basement.

Structural repair: Excess water underneath your house is risky. You need to get a contractor to assess your basement and waterproof it accordingly.

Carbon fiber repair: Most waterproofing companies use carbon fiber to fill and seal the damaged areas of the foundation. It is important to choose an experienced company to do the repairs.

Basement Waterproofing Membrane

Why You Need Basement Waterproofing

Sometimes it may feel like a waste of time to have your basement waterproofed but that’s not the case. Below are some reasons why it is important top waterproof your basemen:

1. Saves money on repairs

It better to prevent a disaster than to spend time trying to cure it. Most homeowners have the tendency delaying to repair leakages, while the cracks are still small. This delay tactic can lead to a worse problem, that may cost huge sums of money to repair a whole foundation.

2. Maintain the value and structure of your home

There’s nothing that molds love than a wet and dark place. This means that failing to waterproof your basement is creating a fertile ground for molds to grow. At the end, it’s your house that will deteriorate and lose its original value.

3. It lowers your energy bills

The more dump your basement is, the harder your HVAC system will work to keep warmer temperatures, within the house. If you realize that your electricity bills are abnormally high, then it might be a sign that there’s a leakage somewhere in your house.

Internal Waterproofing and External Waterproofing

Internal waterproofing is basically a de-watering system inserted at the lowest point of the structure. It is a means of managing water that has already entered the foundation.

The advantage of internal waterproofing is that there are no disturbances caused during installation. It is can also be installed anytime, regardless of the weather condition. Besides. Internal waterproofing helps in releasing hydrostatic pressure.

Exterior waterproofing begins by excavating the foundation wall. It is then cleaned and checked for any cracks. After that, the walls are sealed using a waterproofing membrane, together with drainage tiles, that are inserted at the side of the footing.

The good thing about this method is that it guards the house against erosion and frost. It also allows the repair of larger cracks and gaps.

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